Saturday, May 25, 2019

Sparkle Blend Canvas

EK Gorman, DPP Blend canvas a
Hey Everyone!  It is EK Gorman from ekgorman designs and I popping in today as a guest designer today!  Do you ever find that you have too many sequins lying around and don't know what to do with them?

Well, today I am sharing a really fun way to help deplete your stash!  It started with my kiddo who asked for a canvas that was nothing but obvious request by an eight year old girl.  But how do you create a canvas that is just sequins...  Well I figured out a method and I thought you might enjoy seeing the process.

I started with a 4x4x1.5 inch canvas I picked up at my local box store.  I also grabbed some metallic blue acrylic paint.

I painted the sides of the canvas with the metallic canvas, leaving the top white.

Then using some rose colored wax, I blended a little around the top of the canvas. 

Then to hold the sparkle blends to the canvas, I spread a thick layer of Golden Heavy Gel medium.

I then added some Conversation Hearts sparkle blends to the gel, pressing the sequins into the medium.

I then repeated the process with both the Springtime blend and Easter Basket blend.  I left a little line between each group so that they would not mix.

I then added some Liquitex Matte Medium over the blends to help lock the sequins into place.

Then poured some Clear Tar Gel over the whole canvas.


The Clear Gel is self leveling and will really seal the blend under a protective silicon over everything, forever locking the sequins into place.

I let the tar run over the edges to create some more visual interest on the canvas.  It takes 24 hours for the clear tar to cure, but when it does it is transparent and ultra shinny!

EK Gorman, DPP Blend canvas b
When the tar finishes curing, you end up with a little piece of art!

EK Gorman, DPP Blend canvas d
I just love how the light catches this mini canvas.  Needles to say, my child has already hung this bit of girly goodness in her room!

EK Gorman, DPP Blend canvas c

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