Friday, February 5, 2021

Sequin Encrusted Fridge Magnets

Sequin Encrusted Fridge Magnets


So I started with blank white tiles. . . 
I colored them with alcohol inks to match the 
Sparkle Blends I was going to use.

Here is the green one.
After the ink dried I sprayed it with a clear sealer.
I used about a spoon full of sequins on each tile.

This is the stuff I used to coat the tile 
and adhere the sequins to the tile. 

Lay on a layer, not to thick and not to thin. . . 

Then I sprinkled the sequins from the spoon onto the tile.
I tried specifically placing the sequins but 
this way really made them look better!

Then I used tweezers to push the sequins that were hanging 
off the edge back on to the tile and just move things 
around until I was happy with how it looked.

Then let them dry!

I will be adding a magnet to the back of each tile 
with some E600 glue to turn them into magnets.

Then I can look at them anytime I want!!!


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There is also a Facebook group where you can share 
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