Monday, March 30, 2020

Planner Shaker Page

Ink Stained Roni here with you today and I wanted to share a planner idea with you...shaker divider pages! I have recently started a new planner - I wanted one place to keep track of all of the art and crafty ideas I come up with. I am making it all by hand so I want to include some fun art inside - I thought shaker dividers would be a fun start.

I used a scrap piece of clear vinyl which was folded in half then I traced out the size and hole placement on the top layer. I cut it out, punched the holes and stitched it closed on the top and bottom leaving a 1" hole in the center of the two middle rings.

I filled the pouch with Sweet Treats Sparkle Blend then stitched up the hole.

When finished I showed it around to some friends and we couldn't stop shaking it. It is SO much fun playing with this divider page....I'm afraid now I will be spending far too much time playing with the divider and not enough time thinking of and writing down crafty ideas!


Doodles Paper Playground - Sweet Treats Sparkle Blend
Clear Vinyl
Sewing Machine & Thread
Hole Punch

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