Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Mushroom House

Hi, it's Rhiannon. You know that I love fairies and fairy houses, so I really like this old stamp from Stampendous. I used two Sparkle Blends from Doodles Paper Playground for this card, instead of one, like I usually do. I used Sweet Boy for the sky, and Emerald for the grass.
I stamped the mushroom house in brown so it would be softer and more natural looking. I colored it with Memento Markers from Imagine, like I always do. I had stamped this on a full card front, but I decided to cut off the bottom after I finished coloring it, so that I could put a green textured paper that looks like grass under it.
The Sweet Boy Sparkle Blend was perfect in the sky because of the butterflies in it. I like how they are fluttering around the mushroom house. The Emerald Sparkle Blend is great for the grass because it has different shades of green in it. I used the lighter colors of sequins in Sweet Boy, and the darker sequins in Emerald.

Making this card was a lot of fun, since I love fairy houses. I didn't want to use one Sparkle Blend because I wanted to keep your eye moving all over the card and not have it "heavy" in one place. I'll have another card to share with you soon. You can go and visit the Sparkle Blends Shop on Etsy. Thanks for coming, and stay safe.

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